North West Informal Settlement Upgrading Program (NWISUP)


CLIENT: North West Department Human Settlements

To assist the North West Department of Human Settlements in upgrading informal settlements in the province, SATPLAN ALPHA together with the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) undertook to provide the first satellite-derived baseline information on informal settlements. The growth patterns of all informal settlements were measured for the period 1994-2010, and classified according to their characteristics and upgrading status.

Working in hand with provincial housing sector officials, the project formed part of the National Department Human Settlements’ “Informal Settlement Upgrading Program (ISUP)”. The North West ISUP was presented by SATPLAN ALPHA to the Department Performance Monitoring Evaluation at the Office of the Presidency as well as the North West Provincial Cabinet before being officially launched by the Deputy Minister Science & Technology in Rustenburg, 2012.

Outputs Of The NWISUP:

  • Wall-to-Wall Informal Settlement GIS Layers & Database
  • North West Informal Settlement Upgrading Atlas Series (Province + Districts)
  • Interactive 1994-2010 Informal Settlement Atlas (Province/District/Local)
  • Low Cost Housing Delivery Assessment 1994-2009
  • Rustenburg Backyard Shack Hotspot Survey (600 sample)
  • Apartheid Spatial Legacy Assessment (North West major towns)
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