The Rustenburg Local Municipality Vacant Land Audit (RLM VLA) was undertaken to geolocate, analyze, map and compile spatial statistics with regards to (1) Government,  (2) Tribal and (3) Mining vacant land within the municipal area.

The RLM VLA will be used by Rustenburg Local Municipality to improve understanding, information and records associated to vacant land in the municipality. The RLM VLA was compiled through a mixed methods approach that combined GIS, remote sensing and ground survey techniques. Identified vacant land portions were further assessed in terms of land use, servitudes and built structures. Land use and structural data attributes of the surveyed vacant sites were captured and recorded through an online GPS survey tool using mobile tablet devices.

Project outputs include reporting, GIS shapefiles, metadata and wallchart mapping per vacant land category.

Project Outputs:

  • Vacant Land Audit GIS and Metadata
  • Vacant Land Wallcharts
  • Vacant Land Audit Mobile GIS Tool
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