The aim of the Tourism Precinct Planning Guidelines is to assist municipalities and other stakeholders with planning for tourism at the local area level. The guidelines complement statutory planning frameworks such as the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act. Vibrant tourism precincts also support the realisation of pillars three and four of the National Tourism Sector Strategy aimed at improving the overall visitor experience and strengthening destination management.

Tourism precinct planning does not occur in isolation from the wider planning system. Tourism precincts are reliant on municipal infrastructure ranging from roads and transport systems to bulk infrastructure and urban management services. For this reason, the tourism planning process must align with municipal planning processes if it is to have public-sector support. The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance on how to plan, develop, manage and market a tourism precinct. The guide is designed to provide a step-by-step approach to the planning, design, development and management of tourism precincts.

Project Outputs:

  • Tourism Precinct Planning Guidelines
  • Facilitators Manual
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